C-AS DEC2016 Meeting Minutes

St. Patrick's Altar Society


December 2016 Meeting Minutes                                        Attendance: 21 members

            St. Patrick's Altar Society meeting for December opened with a prayer. The minutes from the November meeting were read and approved. The Treasurer’s report was read and approved.

                Fr. Schweiger provided his construction/parish updates. The St. Vincent DePaul construction did not start as planned due to the city of Lincoln wanting some changes. Once that was taken care of, the temperature had gotten too cold to lay the foundation, so the start is on hold, pending the weather. The fridge and microwave for the social hall were delivered and they have started on the cabinets. Father also encouraged all the ladies to spend time in adoration during Advent, even for 30 minutes, if an hour is too much.

                For the Legislative Commission Report, Debbie W. informed the group that we have 17 new senators this year and that the new session starts January 4. Melissa shared with the group that the Society made over $1500 from the Holiday Bake Sale and the raffle made $98. Synthia S. and Eileen W. notified the group that the new tabernacle cloth is complete and the new altar linen is ready, except for the addition of the lace, which Eileen will do. And Mary Ann informed the ladies that 9000 Best Choice labels were submitted.

                Per Father’s request, Mary Ellen Kudron gave a brief talk on the design plan for the entire church building and that the committee’s desire is to have all areas harmonize with a Romanesque feel and look. To achieve that design, it was suggested to not have the kitchen area look so modern with stainless-steel appliances and a stainless-steel sink. The appliances purchased were a black stainless and the sink was made of Swanstone. A motion was made and approved to change from the decision to purchase the silvery white quartz for the countertops to a warm brown granite to maintain that Romanesque look in the social hall. The change in countertops should be of equal, or possibly lower, cost.

                Kathy K. brought some information on the proposed artist, Eileen Ratigan, for the restoration of the Blessed Mary, St. Joseph, and St. Patrick statues, as well as a bid. The Risen Christ statue was not shown to the artist for a bid on a restoration. That statue will have to be done at a later date. Father then informed the group that a parishioner had come forward to pay for the restoration of the Mary and Joseph statue, and asked the group if they would be willing to pay for the restoration of the St. Patrick statue (approximately $1600). The artist had included a 20% discount if the parish had all 3 statues done at the same time ($4440, plus $200 transportation cost). A motion was made and approved to have Eileen Ratigan, Sacred Heart Church Art, perform the restorations and for the Society to pay 1/3 of the cost.

                A quick discussion was held regarding the meal plan for the Christmas Holiday party scheduled for the next Altar Society meeting on January 3. It was decided that the society would cater the main dish and the ladies would each bring a side dish. The meeting ended with a prayer.