C-AS FEB2017 Meeting Minutes

St. Patrick's Altar Society


February 2017 Meeting Minutes                                        Attendance: 20 members

                St. Patrick's Altar Society meeting for February opened with the Hail Mary prayer. The minutes from the December meeting were read and approved; however, it was noted that the main dish for the Christmas Party was not catered as agreed at the November meeting. Instead, Melissa B and Jeanne V. generously provided a ham and a turkey for the dinner. Correspondence received over the last couple of months was shared with the group. The Society received newsletters from Catholic Social Services and St. Gianna’s House, a Christmas donation request from Spirit Radio, a donation for cleaning supplies from Laura Wilson, and a few thank-you cards. The thank-you cards were from the Stars Committee for the monetary donation to the event, and individually from Betty Northup and MaryJo L. for their Christmas gift from the Society. Also, it was decided that the request for a donation to Spirit Radio would be addressed during their Spring Care-a-thon to ensure that the gift would be matched. There are no minutes from the January meeting since the Society held their Christmas Party in lieu of a meeting. The Treasurer’s reports for December 2016, Annual 2016, and January 2017 were approved. Father Schweiger requested a cost analysis from the Treasurer on the votive candles for the months of January – April 2017.

                Fr. Schweiger provided his construction and parish updates. He related that Mary Ellen Kudron has been diligently working with Eileen Ratigan on the statue restorations. They have agreed upon a final color palette and the work should start soon. Father also shared that the Stations of the Cross are being restored by the same firm in New York that did the murals in the church. The restoration work is coming along and Father hopes to have them back sometime during Lent. Father believes that about 5 of the stations have been sponsored for the restorations and he is confident the Lord will provide additional sponsors for the remaining stations. Father informed the group that the digging for the St. Vincent DePaul garage is planned for February 18, pending acceptable weather conditions. Father also mentioned that the parish Fish Fry’s are coming up and he encouraged everyone to get involved, since they are parish events, not KofC events, and also a lot of fun! The start of Lent, Ash Wednesday, is March 1st this year. Father stressed the need for everyone to start considering what they would give up, and what they would add to their routine, that would enrich their faith life. He also requested prayers for those receiving the Rite of Confirmation this Spring. Father stated that the installation of the social hall cabinets should be started in the next couple of weeks. And finally, Father enthusiastically shared with the members that the school is planning a parade in celebration of 100 years on March 17 at 10 a.m. and the bishop has confirmed that he will be able to attend!

                For the Legislative Commission Report, Debbie W. brought handouts on the bills being discussed and a list of the current senators. Melissa asked all the ladies to consider taking on one of the Commissions and she provided a list of the available Commissions. Payment has not yet been received for the volunteer work done at the Farm and Ranch Show, but Eileen W. thought that it should be over $700. The Risen Christ statue was not shown to Eileen Ratigan for a bid when she was at the Church picking up the 3 large statues for restoration, so it was decided that the restoration, or possibly the replacement, of that small statue would wait until next year.

Mary Ann O. informed the ladies that the Society has received $270 for the Best Choice labels collected in 2016, and that she has counted 1100 labels so far for 2017. The monthly Mass intentions for the Altar Society will continue for the year of 2017. Eileen W. informed the group that she currently has 18 volunteers for the Property Tax Sale fundraiser on March 6. The Society receives $100 for each volunteer from St. Patrick’s. Melissa B. stated that the group will be wrapping utensils for the Festival during the March meeting again this year. The annual garage sale is planned for June 9 and 10 this year and Melissa requested chairs or co-chairs to run this important fundraiser for the Society. Once a year, the Society is asked to host the Priest’s Deanery Meeting and Dinner. This year it is planned for March 14 with the professional education session starting at 4 p.m. and the dinner at 5 p.m. Approximately 15 priests are expected. Father and Melissa requested help with providing the meal and with serving at the dinner. The meeting ended with a prayer and a blessing from Father.