C-AS JUN2017 Meeting Minutes

St. Patrick's Altar Society


June 2017 Meeting Minutes                                        Attendance: 28 members

                St. Patrick's Altar Society meeting for June opened with the Hail Mary prayer. The minutes from the April meeting were not read in May due to the Banquet. So, the minutes from the April Meeting and from the May meeting were read. Both were approved as read. The Treasurer’s report for May 2017 was approved.

                Fr. Schweiger was unable to attend the meeting, so no parish/construction updates were provided. No Commission Report on Family Affairs or Organizational this month. For the Legislative Commission, Debbie W. distributed a list of LB’s from 2017 and answered a few questions regarding a couple of the bills. Melissa B. shared with the ladies that the Carnations fundraiser made $364 for BirthRight and she thanked everyone that helped with the selling of flowers on Mother’s Day. 175 carnations seemed about right. Melissa B. and Mary D. also thanked everyone that helped in any way with the reception following Fr. Doher’s first Mass on May 28. It was much appreciated!

                Mary Ann O. shared that 4000 Best Choice labels have been turned in. And she again shared with the ladies that the parish is re-kindling the “Traveling Madonna” program. Mary Ann O. brought the kit that travels with the Madonna. The kit contains the Madonna, holy water, prayer books, etc… The calendar for reserving the Madonna was passed around the room as well. Mary D. provided an update on the new Perpetual Adoration program. 97 time slots have already been filled, which is great! But that leaves 73 slots to be filled. The Holy Eucharist cannot be exposed during the adoration hours until all the slots are filled and we have truly, “perpetual,” adoration. Everyone was again asked to take an hour, if they have not already committed to a time slot or as a sub.

Melissa B. asked the members what they thought about Father’s request from the May meeting to commit to serving the Annual DDP Dinner every year. Many members raised concerns about a long-term commitment without knowing if we would be able to get enough volunteers every year and that the dinner is not much of a fundraiser. A suggestion was made to commit to a number of years, such as the next two or three years instead of committing something long-term. There is plenty of time before a decision is needed, so the topic was tabled until the August meeting.

Fr. Morris’ farewell reception is after each Mass the weekend of June 17 and 18. Melissa routed a sign-up sheet for volunteers to serve and to make the coffee and lemonade. Melissa B. will pick up the cookies and the rolls. A motion was made and approved to give $100 to Fr. Morris in appreciation of his service to the parish. Jan W. suggested that individuals could give a spiritual bouquet – prayers like a Hail Mary, Our Father, Holy Rosary, etc… - to Fr. Morris and provided an example she had from another parish. Everyone liked that idea and it was suggested that we have the forms available for Fr. Morris’ reception. Jan W. agreed to create the form and to have the rectory make copies of the form. Without Fr. Schweiger, a date to have a welcome reception to the newly assigned priest, Fr. Salisbury, could not be decided. Melissa will ask Fr. Schweiger for a good date, and will email the ladies for volunteers.

Melissa B. asked the ladies to consider leading the funeral dinners. The ladies currently leading the dinners have been doing it for 3 years and are asking for replacements. The need for cleaning leaders was also brought up. It was suggested that both needs be put in the bulletin to see if anyone else in the parish is interested in taking on those roles in support of the parish. A concern over the condition of the Risen Christ statue was mentioned. The Society had approved getting a bid for the restoration of the statue months ago when the other 3 statues were being evaluated for a bid. The Risen Christ statue could not be located when the artist came to create the bids on the other statues, so it did not get a bid. It was mentioned that the cost of a new statue should be considered and compared to the cost of the restoration. It was tabled until the next meeting. A member also questioned the location of the eyeglass collection basket. The basket was located on the floor in the corner, along with a lot of other items. A short discussion was held and it was decided that we would not collect eyeglasses until we have a spot for the collection, like a space in the bell tower when that is finished.  The meeting ended with a Glory Be prayer and then cookies and lemonade. There will not be a meeting in July.