C-AS MAR2017 Meeting Minutes

St. Patrick's Altar Society


March 2017 Meeting Minutes                                        Attendance: 25 members

                St. Patrick's Altar Society meeting for March opened with the Hail Mary prayer. The minutes from the February meeting were read and approved. Correspondence received consisted of a thank-you card from Fr. Schweiger for the Christmas gift from the Society, and an invitation to a Memorial Celebration for Jeff G. to be held in May. The Treasurer’s report for February 2017 was approved. The Treasurer ran a cost analysis on the votive candles as requested by Father and stated that the money received from donations exceeds the cost of the candles.

                Fr. Schweiger provided his construction and parish updates. He stated that he loves the Lenten season as it is meant to draw us closer to the Lord through our Lenten practices. And he stressed that “Joy comes from the Lord.” Father mentioned that the parish is very busy this month, especially next week. Thursday is the Benefit Concert in the church, Friday is the Mass with the Bishop, the parade around the school, and the pizza picnic in the park, and Saturday is the big festival. Father also notified the ladies that the restoration of the Mary, Joseph and St. Patrick statues were completed and they were in the bell tower. He hopes to have the statue stands ready and the statues in place by St. Patrick’s Day. Father also mentioned that the Stations of the Cross should be ready for pick up April 2, and he hopes to have them installed in time for Holy Week. He noted that there were a few Stations remaining to be sponsored for $1500 each, if any of the ladies were interested. Father stated that his group was working on assembling the cabinets for the social hall and he needed to have the stainless-steel countertop section for cabinet measurements, so he had made the purchase of $1385.

                For the Legislative Commission Report, Debbie W. brought a list of current relevant bills being discussed in the Legislature. And invited all the members to attend the Catholics at the Capitol event on March 21. That was the only Commission Report for this month’s meeting, and Melissa asked all the ladies again to consider taking on one of the Commissions. A payment of $774 was received for the volunteer work done at the Farm and Ranch Show. A huge thank you to those volunteers! Another fundraising opportunity for volunteers to work the Property Tax Sale on March 6 was shared with the members. Eileen W. has 17 volunteers lined up, but there is room for more. And Mary Ann O. informed the ladies that the Society has collected 2334 Best Choice labels in 2017.

A short discussion was held regarding options for a few items for the social hall and motions were made and approved for those items. It was decided by the members that an industrial-type garbage disposal would be purchased for approximately $800. And that a 3-pot coffee maker would be purchased for approximately $625 in lieu of a 5-pot maker since the members feel a 3-pot maker would cover most of the coffee needs in the hall, and if more coffee is needed, they can use the big urn. Also, it was decided that the faucet purchased should be a bronze color to keep the Romanesque feel, as suggested by Mary Ellen K., instead of a modern-looking stainless finish.

Melissa B. reminded the ladies that we are serving the Priest’s Deanery Meeting/Dinner on March 14 and asked for a couple of volunteers to bring a couple of food items that were short. She also reminded everyone of the parish festival coming up and asked them to volunteer, if they hadn’t already, as there were several slots still open. Also mentioned was the Pro-Life Education Series on April 30. Melissa asked someone else to lead the serving at this event since she has a conflict that day. She will bring it to the April meeting. Deacon Jason Doher’s Ordination Mass and Dinner on May 28 was also discussed. It is not often that a parish can celebrate one of their own being ordained! It was decided that the ladies would serve at the dinner, provide the salads, and purchase cake for dessert.

The annual garage sale is planned for June 9 and 10 this year and Melissa again requested chairs and co-chairs to run this important fundraiser for the Society. It was mentioned by one of the members that if we do not get enough help, we should cancel the event this year. A motion was made and approved to donate $250 to Spirit Radio during their Spring Care-a-thon. The meeting ended with the Glory Be prayer and a blessing from Father.