C-AS MAY2017 Meeting Minutes

St. Patrick's Altar Society


May 2017 Meeting Minutes                                        Attendance: 40 members

                St. Patrick's Altar Society meeting for May opened with the Holy Rosary in the church. The minutes from the April meeting will be read during the June meeting due to the Banquet. The Treasurer’s report for April 2017 was approved.

                Fr. Schweiger quickly provided some parish/construction updates. The social hall cabinets are in process, the Stations of the Cross are back up in the church, and the construction on the St. Vincent de Paul garage is moving along nicely.

                No Commission Reports were given. Workers for the selling of Carnations to benefit BirthRight were confirmed. Sign-up sheets were distributed for workers and salad providers for Deacon Doher’s reception following his first Mass, May 28. Melissa informed the group that the Society normally pays for ¼ the cost of the parish calendars and asked if the group wanted to do that again for the 2018. A motion was made and passed to cover our share of the cost of the calendars.

                Mary D. again mentioned the new Perpetual Adoration program kick-off and asked that everyone prayerfully consider taking an hour each week to spend with our Lord. Mary Ann O. shared that 3477 labels have been turned in. And she told the ladies that the parish is re-kindling the “Visiting Madonna” program. She is looking for volunteers to take the Madonna home for a week and to say extra prayers during that time and to invite others to their home for prayers with the Madonna. There will be a calendar for signing up, plus the statue, in the church.

Fr. Morris has been re-assigned and the Society traditionally hosts a potluck or coffee and rolls as a send-off. The ladies decided to do coffee and rolls for Fr. Morris on Father’s Day weekend. Melissa will provide sign-up sheets during the June meeting. Fr. Schweiger asked the ladies to consider hosting the DDP dinner every year. Father was told that we had done such a great job the year prior and he was asked to consider doing it every year. The topic will be brought up again in the June meeting.

The meeting was wrapped up and everyone was released to enjoy the fantastic dinner and games.