August 10, 2014

STEEL!  STEEL!  More steel arrived on Friday the 1st and on Monday the 4th.  The steel workers are concentrating on the Narthex area.  We are getting so much steel up that it takes a second look to see what has been added.  Most of the steel going up this week has been cross beams and support beams for the main beams that went up last week.  We were slowed up a little by machine failure and rain – but there is progress!!!

Look closely at the south concrete block wall – you can see where the Nave and Sacristy windows will be located.  Do you see the rebar sticking up through the block?  All the block walls are reinforced with vertical and horizontal rebar and poured grout.  We will have STRONG walls!! 

Even Bryant Heating is getting started – they delivered three units on Tuesday.  Also, some conduit has been run in the basement.

Quiz question for you --  Notice the large bolts holding the beams together – The steel workers are very strong and use large wrenches to tighten those bolts BUT can they really get them to the right tightness?  How do they know when they are tight enough?  (I know some of you think you have the answer – but using a torque wrench is not the complete answer) Watch for answer in next week’s bulletin.

From Your Construction Sidewalk Supervisor


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