August 17, 2014

MORE I BEAMS!  You will see much progress this week with the steel structure.  The steel sheeting has been placed over the narthex area.  This steel is interlocked and then welded to the I beams.  The end joints of the sheets are also welded. Between the I beams each sheet is screwed to the previous sheet.   Later insulation, special plywood, and then shingles will be added on top of the steel sheeting.  Quite a roof!!!!

The beams over the sacristy area were put in place – thus helping to stabilize the concrete block wall. The choir loft rafters and floor beams were put in place on Wednesday.  Much welding has taken place on the beams that have been erected.  Perhaps on Thursday and Friday the social hall rafters will be put up.

 The south concrete block wall from Bell Tower area to the Transept area has been completed.  On Thursday work was begun on the south Transept area to the east corner of the building.

Answer to last week’s question – At the end of the bolt there is a section about the size of a dime and 5/8” long, made out of steel.  When the steel workers tighten the nut on that bolt with the torque wrench, the special end piece will snap off when the proper tightness has been achieved. 

ALERT!  ALERT!  We have been told they are planning on bringing the large beam on Tuesday -  This could change, so check with us after Mass and watch on Fr Schweiger’s face book .  We will try to post the latest news to give everyone a chance to watch those beams arrive.


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