August 24, 2014

Aug 22, 2014

This has been a very productive week.  On Tuesday the two large main beam structures that go from east to west over the nave area, were installed.  Those that came to watch were impressed with the precision that the steel workers had in placing these 14,000 pound units.  The steel workers made it look so easy and just gently slid the pieces into place.  Wednesday and Thursday more trusses went up over the nave area.  To help hold the vertical truss from leaning outward (because of the heavy triangular trusses now setting on top of the truss), the support beams were put in place between the vertical truss and the south concrete block wall. 

The concrete pad in front of the main entrance of the church was poured on Wednesday.  JA Construction fellows did a very nice job – it looks great!!  Concrete was also poured around the portico pillars.

Work on the social hall framing also got started this week – steel studs.

Question for you – Waffle cardboard was placed on the ground under the rebar reinforcement in the front entrance area before pouring the concrete on top.  Now, why would you put cardboard under the concrete?  Surely it will deteriorate in years to come and then there will be a hole under the concrete?

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