August 31, 2014

RAIN! RAIN!  Great for some but not for us at this time.  Because of the rain this week the building process has slowed down.  BUT we have made some progress.  The metal studs on the south wall of the social hall have been raised and work on the metal trusses for the social hall has started.  The last of the large trusses over the nave area have been installed.  Metal roof decking installation was started on the south side trusses.  Some of the beams for the sanctuary area are also in place now and the south transept area metal trusses have been put in place.  If the rain lets up, the steel workers will finish putting the metal pegs on the choir/hallway decking, and then we will be able to have the concrete floor poured.  We may see some more of the bell tower steel in place, weather permitting.  Masonry fellows are finishing up on the south transept area and then will move to the north side of the church.  Erik from ABC Electric has been working in the background putting in conduit on the main floor.

Answer to last week’s question – The waffle cardboard is placed under the concrete front entrance to allow for heaving of the ground.  It will deteriorate in time, giving space for the ground to move up and down, depending on weather conditions, limiting cracking of the front entrance.  The concrete slab is six inches thick.

Like some of you, we too had water in the church basement this past week.  God was with us though and kept the water level down, only the bottom layer of pew backs and seats got wet. 

Thanks to those that have brought cookies for the workers.  The cookies bring smiles to the workers faces and let the workers know we care about them.

From Your Construction Sidewalk Supervisor


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