December 14, 2014

Look upward to the upper story (clerestory) on the south side of our new church.  What a wonderful sight!!  J J J  Glenn and Jim have bricked the clerestory area, you can see the arch design over the window openings.  They have done a wonderful job and you can see they take pride in their work.  The roofers, Dave and his team, have finished the north side of the upper roof and have now started on the south side.  Once they finish this south side, all the roofing will be done except for the flashing and shingles.  The flashing goes under the shingles and up the wall several inches – this is to keep the water from getting in the crack between the block/brick and the decking, insulation, and plywood that abuts the block/brick.  The flat roof area over the new gym entrance was completed on Tuesday (north end of portico).  Dan and his team from American Drywall have the upper part of the curved ceiling of the nave area ninety percent finished.  They are now working on finishing the curve of the ceiling from the tops of the window openings down to the soffit part of the nave.  This is the part where the ceiling is lower along the outer isle of the nave.  Drywall has been put on the side upper walls.  This had to go in first so they could attach the supporting curved frame work of the ceiling.  (Check out some of the pictures on our web page) Pleskac came back this week and put in the steel guard rails on the fourth floor of the bell tower, and also the catwalk going from the second floor stairwell across to the bell tower area.  Then they installed a steel ladder from the cat walk to the second floor of the bell tower.  The hatch opening was also installed in the ceiling of the third floor of the bell tower.  Kingery cut the opening in the second floor ceiling of the bell tower and made ladders for both floors.  Alan was busy making the stands for our new bells.  Soon the one bell we have will be going up into the tower.  Eric has put in more conduit in the choir loft area and a few other runs here and there.  A lot of the big duck runs (intake and output for heating/cooling system) have been put in place in the narthex and nave area.  The choir loft west wall needed to be redone to make room for the organ.  That work was done by the Kingery fellows. 

The third of December a crew went up to Newcastle, NE and cut down about six more burr oak trees.  This wood is for the baseboards, casings around the doors, and some trim work.  To save money, we will be putting in the baseboards, casings etc ourselves.  It was a long day, from early morning until midnight. 

Your prayers are helping, we had a beautiful week weather wise – we could use a couple more like this past week.  Thank God for the many blessings he has given us during this construction.

From Your Construction Sidewalk Supervisor


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