December 28, 2014

Since the bulletin has to be in by Monday the 22nd, the following information will be from the previous two weeks.  The roofers have finished their installation of the foam insulation, plywood, ice & shield, and moisture barrier membrane.  So now we are a little more buttoned in, but until the shingles get on, we will still have a little water leakage in the building.  The masonry fellows have finished bricking the west side of the inside front entrance wall and the south wall that abuts to the entrance wall.  It is difficult to get a good picture as the outer entrance wall is sealed with plastic, but I’ve put a couple of pictures of the bricked entrance on our web page.  Weather permitting, we are hoping to get the north side clerestory area bricked before the really cold weather comes.  American Drywall workers are continuing framing the nave ceiling.  This is a very tedious and time consuming job, with all the curves and bracing that need to be done.  They are also working on the ceiling in the sanctuary area.  The bell tower framing is almost complete.  The final gypsum board has been placed on the north and east walls of the third and fourth floor of the bell tower.   Not sure when that will get weather proof sprayed.  Bryant heating is working on putting in the iron and PVC piping both in the basement and on the first floor.  The duct work for heating/cooling of the nave is almost done.  They have run the duct work from the main runs to the vents by the soffits on the north and south side of the nave.  The cement block walls have been covered with two inch foam insulation; this certainly will help keep the heat in the building.  The old gym entrance doors have been demolished and taken out.  The construction workers want to thank the Morrison’s and Reifschneider’s for making lunch for them, they truly appreciated what we do for them.

The millers have been very busy cutting up the logs we harvested a couple of weeks ago.  Take a walk downstairs in the church and you will smell the oak wood.  These parishioners have endured some pretty bad weather, worked from 8am till 6 pm, but have hung in there and have managed to fill both kiln’s in the basement.  The millers want to thank those that have brought them lunch – it has given them the energy to persevere.

This is a wonderful parish, everyone chips in and helps out where they can, no matter if it is physical or mental work, praying for the workers safety, praying for all the other needs of building a new spiritual home, bring food and goodies for the workers, financial, or many other things I have not mentioned.

I hope you all had a blessed Christmas and we know this coming year is going to be WONDERFUL.

From Your Construction Sidewalk Supervisor


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