February 22, 2015

The north side nave wall (where the four tall windows are located) is completely bricked now.  The “keystone” pieces have not been put in place yet, as we are waiting on their arrival.  (keystone – the pre cast concrete rectangular piece in the middle of the arch over the window – look at the window openings in the old church).  The sheet rock has been hung on the narthex upper walls and the upper part of the west entrance wall.  The nave ceiling has the second phase (coating) of drywall compound put on all the seams.  Dan and Tim have moved downstairs and are framing the arch part of the lower nave ceiling on the north side.  Most of the air handling pipes/vents has been installed and these heat/AC runs have been raped with an insulating material – one to keep the heat going where it should, and two to keep the noise level down when the system is running.  The heavy iron pipes (that carry the water to heating/cooling units) have been installed and insulated.  Some of the large air handling units has been relocated to their permeant places in the mechanical room.  The placing of conduit and gang boxes have continued on the first floor and the large electrical switch boxes have been installed.  The concrete block for the two doorways on the second floor has been chiseled out and the metal framework has been installed.  One of these doorways will be for entrance to the hall that leads to the choir loft and the other will open to the mechanical room on the second floor.  At this time the openings are covered with plywood, so no access to the new building is available. 

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