February 8, 2015

As everyone knows, we have experienced a little snow this past week, which has slowed the brick laying process a little   -- BUT just a little.  Jim, Leon, Justin, and Richard are like the old time postman – work in good and bad weather.   The precast concrete window sills (solid white pieces)  have been put in by each of the clerestory windows, meditation room window, and north side nave windows.  The scaffolding has come down on the west end, so now you can really see the brick pattern.  I took a picture of the “basket weave” pattern on this west wall (peak area) and have posted it on our web page “stpatricklincoln.com” for everyone to see.  The rest of the concrete block in the back of the sanctuary floor area has been put in - this will support the raised floor in the back part of the sanctuary and also provide space for air vent runs.  The double size door opening that was at the east end of the building has now been filled in with concrete block.  Dan, Tim and fellow workers have three fourths of the sheet rock put on the nave ceiling.  The plastic corner beading has been put in place on the east end half of the ceiling and the east end clerestory window areas.  The center expansion joints have also been put in place in the nave ceiling.  The sanctuary ceiling and arch way also has the beading on and the muddier has started covering the seams in those areas - (check web page for pics).  The nave walls (on main floor) as far as the sanctuary area have the metal studs in place, along with all the pilasters on those walls.  The mechanical room metal door frames have been put in and all of the wall structures for those rooms have been finished.  The electricians have put in yards and yards of conduit piping, working mostly in the social hall and sacristy areas this past week.  It is truly a maze when looking up into the ceiling and seeing all the pipes, vents, and PVC intertwined with each other.  Bryant Heating has filled the narthex ceiling with heat/air runs and large iron pipes (transfer hot water for heat).  This past week they have covered all those pipes/runs with insulating material.  They have also put in a lot of the heat/air return runs in the sacristy and confessional areas.  The concrete block wall downstairs south of the elevator has been removed.  This will be the future entrance to the ramp leading to the downstairs area.  Kingery is continuing with wood blocking all the base areas and upper areas of the metal stud walls.  They have also put in most of the wood framing for the doorways. 

Thanks to the Helter family for donating a barn full of metal.  Anyone else that has metal (that they want to dispose of) please give the rectory a call.  The monies we receive by recycling this metal goes to the building fund.

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