January 11, 2015

Old man winter has put us in a deep freeze but inside our New Spiritual Home there is plenty of heat and busy workers.  The foam insulation has been sprayed in the upper part of the clerestory walls, which enabled the framers to finish enough of the supporting frame work to put in the three arches in the nave ceiling. Most of the upper nave ceiling is now completed and once the arches are done the workers will finish the framing around the clerestory windows.   The sacristy, confessionals, bathroom, cry room, first floor storage rooms, east side social hall walls, and south side nave walls, have all been framed. Most of the narthex drop ceiling and soffit area have been framed.  The old gym entrance has been completely dismantled, reframed, and dry walled.   If you go in the gym foyer area you will see that the old entrance is completely closed in.  In the future there will be an entrance put in on the west wall, to give access to the new structure.  Upstairs you will find the four windows in the hallway and in the science room closed in with concrete block and drywall.  On the opposite side of these walls are the mechanical rooms for the new building. The narthex area framing is almost complete.  The drywall has been put up on the inner walls of the drop ceiling area of the narthex.  With the nave ceiling framed the sprinkler system workers have put in all the iron piping for the fire sprinklers and have tested the upper system to make sure everything is a okay before being closed in with drywall.  The electrician has been installing a lot of conduit in the nave ceiling, on top of the supper soffit and in all the first floor walls that have been framed.  Most of the PVC piping has been installed on the first floor and basement areas along with much iron piping.  Kingery has been busy putting in all the wood blocking in the first floor framing, around the window and door openings, and also along the soffit area in the nave.  This will be much appreciated when it comes time to install the baseboard and casing woodwork.  In spite of the extreme cold we’ve had these past couple of weeks, the masonry workers have been forging ahead and have completed the west end of the north side clerestory area and have begun working on the east end. 

The interior design committee has been busy figuring out what colors, textures, flooring, artistic wall design, and other materials to be used in our New Spiritual Home. The woodworkers have most of the oak pieces cut for the altar, ambo, altar of repose, and baptismal font cut.  Fr Schweiger has begun staining and applying polyurethane to these pieces.  Hopefully in the near future we will have some pictures on the web page of the new altar.

February 1st will be our last Mass in the old church.  Starting the second week in February we will begin taking things out of the old church.  There will be MUCH work to be done and we’ll need the help of as many parishioners as possible.  We will have shifts during the day and in the evenings, so please plan on helping when you have a couple of hours available.  For those of you not able to help demo, perhaps you would be willing to provide a lunch for those workers spending the whole day helping. Watch the bulletin for further information regarding the church demo.

From Your Construction Sidewalk Supervisor


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