January 18, 2015

Open house this weekend – be sure and come and see what I’ve been talking about – it will be much different than the last time you were inside.  The framing on the nave ceiling and on the clerestory walls has been completed and the workers have started to dry wall the ceiling.  This is quite the task: on the areas where the curves are strong they have to dampen the dry wall in order to have it curve nicely without cracking.  There are three layers being put on, two half inch and one quarter inch thickness.  A lot more conduit has been put in place – be sure and observe the maze of conduit on the first floor by the mechanical room and in the social hall.  It’s like a work of art.  All the brick has been put in place on the north side clerestory area.  The brick has also been laid on the west and east end corners of the north side clerestory.  These corners are a special design, called “coin corners”.  Bryant Heating finished putting in the large iron piping that runs from the south side, second floor mechanical room, through the ceiling of the narthex and into the north side, second floor mechanical room.  Be sure and look up at the narthex ceiling when you go on the tour this weekend.  Take a look at all the venting on the north and south side of the nave and all the round tubing coming out of the sides of the venting – looks like we have a centipede in the nave.  While looking up at that venting, look beyond and see all the sprayed foam that has been placed on the I beams, where they connect to the roof line.  This foam will keep the cold from transferring from the iron to the inside of the building.  Kingery has been very busy putting in lots, and lots of wood blocking on the first floor.  The raised floor concrete block walls in the sanctuary have been put in. 

Some have asked what I mean by “clerestory”.  That is the second story exterior wall area in which you see the half-moon shaped windows.  

 From Your Construction Sidewalk Supervisor


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