January 25, 2015

Glad to see so many of you at the Church tour this past Sunday.  This past week Glen, Tim and crew have finished rocking (drywall) the sanctuary area and the arch leading into the sanctuary.  They have finished metal framing all the clerestory window arches.  Most of the east end quarter section has been rocked with three layers of drywall.  Soon the tapers will be in to start taping and mudding the above mentioned area.  The north cry room wall, confessional front walls, soffit area leading into the nave, and soffits in the social hall have all been metal framed.  Take a look at the west side upper peak wall (nave gable end) and see all the brick that has been laid this week – the fellows are really “going to town”.  You can now see the full effect of the “coin” corners on the west end.  Seth and Matt have put in the large duct runs on the north side of the narthex and finished putting in the extensions on the north side of the nave.  Some of the HVAC control runs have also been put in.  Eric and his crew have put in a lot more conduit and gang boxes in the social hall and sacristy area.  They have also put in some large pipes (reminds me of a big tuba) in the upstairs mechanical rooms  -- lots and lots of wiring will be going through those pipes!!!!  Al and Joe have been putting in more wood blocking – as soon as the framers get an area framed, Al & Joe are right behind them, putting in the blocking.  The old wall leading into the basement ramp area has been partially torn down. 

Thanks to parishioners George, Stan, Jerry, and MaryJo for taking the scrap metal from the new construction and recycling the metal.  The scrap metal has brought in several hundreds of dollars for the new church.  So keep in mind if you have anything that is metal and you want to get rid of it, let us know and we will take it off your hands – just call the rectory and leave your name and phone number and we’ll get back to you.

 From Your Construction Sidewalk Supervisor


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