July 12, 2015

If it did not rain this past Thursday, the concrete for our new parking lot has been poured.  This past week Gana trucking has been grading the parking area and removing excess dirt and then putting a stone base over the entire parking lot.  JA Construction put in the forms for the parking lot and leveled the concrete out as it was poured.  JA also built the forms for the steps and landing for the altar of repose and had that concrete poured.  We’ve been hit with rain again, which took out a day’s worth of work for the brick layers but Jim, Glen, and Leon are forging ahead and have the brick laid for three fourths of the front entrance area, working around the rose window section.  Now that the scaffolding is up pretty high, take a look at the front entrance.  Granted the brick needs to be washed, but you can get an idea of what the front will look like.  Scotts Plastering has put all the layers of concrete plaster on the portico and front entrance ceiling and have painted the surface.  It’s looking pretty great - will try and put a picture up on the web page.  Gana Trucking  has also graded the northeast corner of the church for the handicap parking area that will be located in that area.  Lincoln Glass came back and put in the two windows in the stairwell area.  The stairwell area is now ready for painting and the mudders have moved on to the large nave windows on the north side - mudding the returns on the windows.  Eric has put in all the social hall and narthex light fixtures, and the strip lights along the nave lower ceiling.  Ken and Joe have tested some of the plumbing connections and they are getting the system up and running.  The painters have been back and have gotten the first coat of paint on the second floor hallways, second coat on the entablature in the sanctuary area, and done some touch up work.  Erv has been busy laying more tile - some of the tile in the narthex area, the hallway by the sacristy, and the adoration chapel bathroom.  Now that the steps and landing have been poured for the altar of repose, Erv will be laying the sanctuary floor.  MJ is trying to keep up with him on the grouting. 

Keep those prayers going - we are still waiting on the last four windows for the nave area and the roofers still have not come back. 

From Your Construction Sidewalk Supervisor


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