July 26, 2015

Our brick layers are trying their best to get done, but obstacles keep getting in their way.  This past week they have installed the pre cast concrete on the north side of the main peak, and have laid brick up as far as they can in the main center part.  They were ready to go to the south side of the main entrance but the company that made the pre cast sent the wrong pieces.  So while we are waiting for the correct ones to be made, Jim and Leon have switched over and are now laying the brick around the bell tower.  Eric, our electrician has uncovered the main light fixtures in the nave and is making the connections for all the different light settings that will be needed.  TC Ceiling has put in the grid work for all of the drop ceilings in the building.  This has allowed Eric to put in more of the ceiling light fixtures.  Seth and crew have been working in the narthex this past week, connecting all the duct work with the ceiling registers etc.  They also installed the furnace in the northeast sacristy room.  Our mudders have been working on the basement walls, and bathroom walls,  and doing touch up work.  Our roofers finally came this past Wednesday and started putting in the flashing around the clerestory walls. Hurray! Hurray!  JA Construction put in the driveway and parking area on the northeast corner of the building and also the sidewalk on the east side.  Joe and Tony have continued putting in our doors.  Al has been putting in the wood backing by the windows over the main entrance doors.  Much of the door hardware has also been installed.  When you are leaving the gym after Mass, turn to your left and you can see the installed doors and their coloration.  The painters have been putting the second coat of paint on many of the walls and also doing touch up work.  Erv has all the tile laid in the sanctuary and the ramp area.  The grouting has also been completed in these areas.

Thanks to those that came these past few weeks to help with cutting, marking, and assembling the kneeler pads and vinyl.  We are about half way done.  Many thanks to those that have been going to the pew shop, and doing sanding, hauling, and many other tasks. 

Our pews are close to being ready for assembly.  Parish volunteers have put in over 10,000 hours of hard work - from the beginning of cutting the trees down, milling the wood, hauling the wood in and out of the kiln’s, cutting the wood to shape, gluing pieces together, forming the seats and other pieces, sanding and more sanding, staining, lacquering, many other tasks, and finally assembling .  So with this in mind we are asking that all of St Patrick’s parishioners keep in mind NOT to wear any clothing that has bling, studs, or any sharp object fastened to that piece of clothing.  WHY????  Because these things will scratch our pews very easily and destroy all the hard work many, many people have put into making these pews.  We also ask that you keep watch of others, and if they are wearing such items, educate them on what their piece of clothing is doing to our pews.  If we all help in this matter, perhaps our pews won’t end up like many other churches pews.

It is hard to believe but this column was started a year ago this weekend.  I hope many of you have enjoyed reading about the progress of our New Spiritual Home, it surely has been an adventurous undertaking.  Since there are only three weeks left before dedication of our new church, this week will probably be the last writing from your construction sidewalk supervisor.  There is much work that needs to be done yet, so all available hours will be devoted to those tasks.  We will need a lot of help the last week, with cleaning and other tasks.  So please keep a few days open to help out.

From Your Construction Sidewalk Supervisor


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