June 14, 2015

It was a sad day Wednesday for Dan, our American Drywall foreman.  We talked Wednesday morning and he told me he was assigned another job and probably wouldn’t be back.  He said he really enjoyed working on our new church and would miss the job and hated to leave.  I thanked him for his good work and all the extra effort he put into making our church beautiful.  The good Lord blessed us with having Dan, Tim, Primo, and Vince do the major framing for our church, as they took pride in doing the job right.  This past week Primo did some final metal finishing work in the stairwell, and he and Dan finished the last metal framing of a column on the south side of the nave.  Craig has been putting several coats of plaster on the walls of the light tunnel (window area from the west wall of the narthex thru the front portico (porch) area to the outside front wall.  The mudders finished the north side of the nave and have four coats of joint compound on the lower south side nave walls and ceiling.  Carroll and helper have put one coat of paint on all the walls and ceilings on the north side and also painted the south transept area.  The sanctuary walls and front niches on either side of the sanctuary have been painted.  The last two pre cast concrete pieces for the south transept area finally came in, so Leon and Jim got them installed.  So the south transept is now done other than to be washed.  We’ve had a couple of nice days, so Jim & Leon got most of the south side wall bricked, just a few rows left to do.  Take a drive around the east end of the church building and see the new outside light fixtures that Eric (our electrician) has installed.  He has also installed on the north side of the nave the lights along the bottom of the soffit - I saw them lite up, and they are coooooool!  Nick has been busy wrapping our many yards of piping with insulation - in the mechanical rooms.  Erv came back this week and finished installing the tile across the front of the church and into the transept areas.  Check our web site for some pictures of the tile pattern.  Al and Joe have installed the upper entablature on the north side of the sanctuary.  Because of the door opening in the new entrance on the north side (into the old trophy area) , Joe needed to redo the trophy case.  We were able to save the case, but it is just a little narrower now.  We still have not seen the roofers back to install the flashing - hopefully this coming week.

This past week Midwest Tile came and took measurements of the altar, ambo, baptismal font, and altar of repose, for cutting the granite tops. 

Because of the rain we have rescheduled the planting of the bushes and other plants.  The new date for planting will be July 11th.  Look in future bulletins for further information.

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