June 28, 2015

There has been a lot of activity this past week and a half.  As you drive around the block you will see that the south street parking area concrete has been laid.  Gana Trucking has removed all the old concrete from the south side parking area, sidewalk that was in front of the old church, miscellaneous concrete that was still left from the old church, and the alley way by the school.  HR Bookstrom Co. has laid parking lot drainage piping, and built a water basin in the southwest corner of the lot for the water run off of the parking area.  The downspouts of the gutters will also be attached to this drainage piping.  All of this water will then drain into the city sewer system.   Bookstrom has also put in the sewer line on the north side of the building, connecting it to the sewer system in the street.  They have also laid drainage piping at the east end of the church.  Weathercraft has finally come back and they are now installing the flashing on the roof where the roof meets the brick walls, and also waterproofing the areas around the pipe vents.  Scotts Plastering has installed the wire meshing on the ceiling of the portico (walkway in front of the social hall) and has put one layer of concrete on that meshing.  Eric from ABC Electric has installed the outside light fixtures on the south, east, and north side of the church building, and many other light fixtures throughout the building.  We were happy to see Glen (brick layer) back with us this past week.  He has been gone since last December with an injury.  Glen and Jim are the two brick/block layers that started from day one with laying our brick.  So now we have the best three brick layers in town - Glen, Jim, and Leon.  Jim and Leon finished the south side wall (except for the bell tower) last week.  Then all three of them started working on the front of the church.  This past Tuesday our corner stone was put in place on the south side of the main entrance archway.  Check the web site for pictures of the cornerstone and time capsule.  Fr Schweiger put the time capsule in on Tuesday morning along with a couple of brick from the old church.  The precast concrete arch and supporting sides of the main (center) front entrance, were put in place from the 18th of June thru the 20th of June.  So be sure and check out the front of the church.  Since all the brick has been laid on the south side, MPS came and washed all of the south side brick walls.  Lincoln Glass has put in all four transept windows, two windows on the north side of nave, two windows on the south side nave, and the sacristy windows.  The stained glass windows will be coming next month.  We are waiting for the other four windows, send up some prayers that the manufacture gets them finished and sent in time.  Our mudders have finished the northeast sacristy and the adoration chapel walls.  Vince and Dan have come back and are putting the sheetrock on the inside sections of the nave windows that have been installed.  Scott K. has put in the oak window jams, which are located between the narthex and nave.  Erv W. has laid the granite on the first landing area in the sanctuary area, and MaryJo has applied the grout in that area.  Fire SPK has installed the sprinkler pipes (fire system) in the second floor mechanical rooms, and put drain valves in the boiler room.  Most of the pipes have now been wrapped with insulating material.  Al and Joe have put in many of the oak door jams, finished installing the sanctuary entablature, wood trim on the soffit areas in the nave, removed two windows in the science room, and other supporting construction work.  Bill has done a good job in keeping everything going, staying on top of things, and lending a hand when needed to get a particular job done. 

Fr Schweiger and helpers have been working on the oak trim in the sanctuary, and preparing several jam pieces for the window and door openings.  Thanks to those that have come to the rectory and joined and planed wood, to all of you that have come out and sanded at the workshop, to those that have been serving on the many committees, to those of you that have been doing many behind the scenes work, and for those that have been praying.  Through everyone’s efforts we will have a beautiful spiritual home.   Our parish is truly special, God has blessed us with many talents and faith filled people.

From Your Construction Sidewalk Supervisor


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