March 8, 2015

We’ve had a lot of workers on site this past week, as a result much work has been done.  The north east corner of the building (lower level) has been completely bricked.  The masonry fellows put on the precast concrete on the south/east end of the building and around the south transept area.  They also have some of that south/east corner bricked.  The metal framing of the north side nave window arches has been completed and Dan and crew are now working on the south side window arches.  The west side walls of the sanctuary area (on the left and on the right sides of the sanctuary) have been installed.  The hanging of the sheet rock (drywall) has been completed in the upstairs mechanical rooms, and the narthex has also been completely sheet rocked.  The south wall of the social hall room has been sheet rocked.  Craig has completed four of the five phases of applying joint compound to the nave ceiling and bulk heads (which I have been referring to as the “arches”).  Bryant Heating has put in more water lines and PVC piping, and have done some pressure checking on the lines.  They have also connected the heat runs to the nave ceiling vent openings and installed more runs in the sacristy area.  Fire SPK continued installing the piping for our sprinkler system, working in the sacristy, basement, and social hall hallway areas.  ABC electric is continuing the installation of the conduit and metal gang boxes (receptacle boxes) through out the building, working mostly in the nave area this week.  Eric has been working on the multiple control/breaker panels in the upstairs mechanical room and all the connections coming from those boxes.  Two hour fire retardant has been sprayed in the mechanical rooms, basement entrance way from old building to new,  and in what will be the new entrance way from the gym to the new church.  Kingery has continued with their excellent job of supporting the subcontractors, getting the wood backing in as soon as the walls go up, making needed forms, hauling waste and sheet rock to the dumpster, making adjustments in the framing when needed, and much more.  The side windows (north and south) of the main entrance from narthex to nave area have been roughed in with wood.  They also washed and sealed part of the basement floor.

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