May 17, 2015

We have a new weather forecaster in the parish - Fr Schweiger.  Whenever he schedules a tour for the new church, we know it’ll rain.   Yes, on May 7th we did get water in the new church.  Until we get the final roof on, there will be water coming in where the brick meets the roofline.  So pray hard that the roofers get here soon and get the roof installed.  As you drive by the south side of church you will see that Jim & Leon have finished a small section just west of the south transept and much of the south transept.  All the metal framing has been completed except for some of the bell tower interior walls.  The light shaft (area from the front rose window to the large window opening in the narthex) has been framed along with the portico of the front entrance area.  The chapel, chapel hallway, northeast ramp area, north side walls of nave, north side lower alcoves of the nave, and stairwell ceiling have all been sheet rocked.  The south side lower nave alcoves have some sheet rock on but still need another layer.  Dan and Vince have been installing the corner bead on the nave corners, alcove curves, large sanctuary arch, columns, niches, and sanctuary corners.  Craig and fellow mudders have been busy applying joint compound on the stairwell ceiling, social hall, transept areas, and nave walls and alcoves.  The first floor hallway has been painted, and the narthex has a couple coats of paint.  Seth and Matt have installed the heat/cool duct work in the northeast sacristy and in the adjacent rooms to the adoration chapel.  If you take a look at the northeast corner of the building from the outside, you will see the large air intake vent.  Seth and Matt are working on connecting the large duct work in the dormers over the social hall area.  Joe and Kent have finished installing the pumps, pipes, boilers, etc in the boiler room and are waiting for the inspections.  They will then flush the system.  Engineered control fellows have been making those final connections, putting in conduit, control panels, and wires for the heat/cool systems.  The duct work and pipes in the northeast sacristy and in the chapel area have been wrapped with insulation this past week.  Our very own Erv Wemhoff has started laying the tile in the baptismal font area.   Al and Joe have installed the lower entablature on the north and south side of the nave.  They have continued putting in the wood backing, window sills and door framing.  It’s hard to believe that we’ll be in our new church in just three months.

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