May 3, 2015

All the brick on the east end of the new church has now been completely laid.  So please drive by and take a good look at the beautiful cross that has been incorporated in the brick.  Jim and Leon have also finished laying the brick on the north wall of the narthex (over the social hall roof).  You will see scaffolding still by the north side transept wall because we are waiting for the last few pieces of precast concrete, which will finish off the top of the peak.  This past week the adoration chapel and the adjacent rooms, the exterior walls where the ramp is located, and the first to second floor stairwell ceiling have been framed in with metal.  All the sheet rock has been put on the sanctuary walls along with all the wood backing.  More corner beading has been put on the soffit areas in the nave.  The dormers over the social hall have been insulated and sheet rocked.  Craig and helpers The second floor hallway walls, lower half of choir loft, and the confessionals, have all five layers of joint compound on them and are ready for painting.  Carroll has put on the primer paint on the entablature, and painted the clerestory alcove areas.  His helper finished the first coat of paint in the sacristy, and applied another coat of paint in the narthex area.  Seth and Matt installed the vent system in the basement mechanical rooms, and did some calculations for the vent work in the northeast sacristy room.  Joe & Kent continued working in the boiler room, connecting the new pumps and other pieces of equipment.  The control engineers finished their work in the upstairs mechanical rooms and are now working in the adoration chapel area.  Lincoln Glass put in two more rectangular windows on the north side - east corner of the church. 

The workers want to thank all of you that have brought them goodies.  Some of them tell me that this has been the best place to work and would like to continue doing work for St Patrick’s. 

From Your Construction Sidewalk Supervisor


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