May 31, 2015

Thank you for your prayers -- the roofers finally got here Memorial Day weekend and from Friday the 22nd thru Tuesday the 26th they shingled 99% of the roof.  The rest will be done once the bell tower brick wall has been laid.  They worked long hours each day and even stuck it out through a few showers here and there.  Leon and Jim finished the north transept wall along with all the precast concrete.  Hope you noticed the nice cross sitting on the peak of the north transept wall.  The south transept is almost done, unfortunately we are short a couple of pre cast pieces that need to go on the ledge of the wall.  While Leon and Jim are waiting for those pieces to come in, they have proceeded to lay the brick on the reminder of the south wall.  Dan and Tim have been busy metal framing, insulating, and putting some of the sheet rock on the walls in the bell tower first floor area.  The second and third floor of the bell tower has been metal framed  (inside walls).  The south nave walls and ceiling has been sheet rocked, except for the two columns that are an extension of the wall columns.  Primo and helper have installed all the gypsum board in the front portico and social hall portico ceilings.  Craig has put several coats of joint compound on the sanctuary walls and sanding those areas after each application.  One more layer and then we’ll be ready for the painter to paint the sanctuary walls.  Others have finished mudding the ceiling and walls in the entrance way by the baptismal font.  They have now moved on to the south side nave areas.  Carroll put a second coat of paint on the west choir loft wall, the nave entablature, and put the first coat on the north side nave ceiling.  Eric worked on the fire alarm system this past week, putting in a new panel box and wiring in the old school hallway.  Seth and Matt put in the duct work for the north side dormer and the louvers.  TC Ceiling started putting in the frame work for the drop ceiling in the narthex area.   Mathew came back and put the sprinkler covers on the sprinkler heads in the ceiling of the nave, so now that area is finished as far as the sprinkler system is concerned.  Lincoln Glass put in the meditation room window (east side) and the two windows by the adoration chapel entrance door.  On Friday the 22nd our bell was raised and put in the bell tower.  It is just sitting there for now and will be installed at a later date.  Al and Joe have been putting in more wood backing for doors and windows, filled in the concrete wall in the old school hallway, so the new fire alarm box fits properly, and other support work.  Tony has cleaned up the mechanical room floors nicely, ready for a floor application.   

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