November 23, 2014

Since the bulletin articles needed to be in by Tuesday of this past week,  I will have to guess at what will be done this week.  Monday was too cold for outside work and not that warm inside, so you will not see much change on the outside.  The roofers have finished the laying of ice shield, insulation, plywood, and underlayment on the social hall roof,  and dormers, and perhaps will finish the north side roof over the narthex area by the end of this past week.  The posts in the portico area have been bricked and the workers have begun laying brick on the west social hall wall.  Bryant Heating has installed temporary heating units in the nave.   If you check out the two south side clerestory window openings, you will see the exhaust pipes coming out of the windows. We want to keep the concrete somewhat warm so cracking doesn’t happen, and to help keep the workers more comfortable while doing their jobs.   The upper section of the church walls have been insulated and the upper wall separating the nave and sanctuary has been built (take a look on our web page).  The ceiling framing has begun – it will be a slow process. 

Side Note:  Most of the pew pieces have been made and sanded.  Currently there are a few fellows working on some fine tuning of the seat pieces.  Fr Schweiger and fellow woodworkers have started on the altar.

This construction sidewalk supervisor will be heading north for a while, so have a HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!!!

From Your Construction Sidewalk Supervisor


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