November 9, 2014

This has been a good week!  ABC Electric has put in conduit along the south, east, and north side on the lower exterior walls of the church – this will be for exterior lighting.    Midwest Masonry workers have finished laying the brick on the south, east, and north side of the church, up to the point where the precast concrete edging will be placed.  Weather permitting the masonry workers are hoping to start laying the brick in the clerestory area soon.  The metal framing for the south, north and east wall of the narthex has been completed.  The front entrance has been covered with gypsum board.  Work has been started in the nave area – framing in the drop ceiling on the north and south sides of the nave.  The posts in the portico area have been framed and covered with gypsum board.  All of the exterior has been covered with the gypsum board except for the north side of the bell tower.  It is now ready for sealing with weather proof material.  Stutzman company has finished spraying the concrete block walls with waterproofing material and have now started spraying the clerestory areas.  Bryant Heating has been busy putting in much duct work in the social hall ceiling area.  The scaffolding has been put in the nave area – reaches to within ten feet of the ceiling.  Take a look from the east end of church and you might be able to see some of the scaffolding.  This is what the workers will work off of when framing in the ceiling.  The building is pretty much sealed in, the windows have been covered with plastic and we have temporary doors put in place in a couple of areas. Take a look at the roof, this past week Weathercraft has been putting on the insulation, plywood and sealant fabric. 

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