October 12, 2014

Praise the Lord!!!  Our weather this past week has been wonderful for the workers.  The masonry workers laid block by the east side gable of the narthex area, which will serve two purposes, one to butt the roofing material up against and also the foundation for the brick wall that will extend up to the next peak.  You can see this block by standing on the south side of the new church and look east pass the bell tower.  They also laid block on the north and south side of the sanctuary area (along the roof line.  The metal framing of the south clerestory area is finished and the north side clerestory is almost done.  The framing for the louvers over the social hall area has been started – this can be seen from the alley. The metal framing on the west and south wall of the second and third story of the bell tower is complete.  The metal trusses over the north side transept area have also been put in place.  Most of the metal air handling system has been put in place in the social hall ceiling.  Plumbing work has begun – PVC has been placed in the basement.  Steel workers placed the last of the metal decking on the north  and south side of the sanctuary area.  All of the heavy steel beam work is finished.  The rest of the sub-fascia work on the north side has been completed. 

Last week I mentioned “fountain block” – did all you construction people have a good laugh?  I did after I reread the article!  It was supposed to read “foundation block”. J

QUESTION FOR THE WEEK – What are the columns called that extend up from the ground to just below the top of the windows (placed between the windows)?  Answer:  PILASTERS

From Your Construction Sidewalk Supervisor


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