October 19, 2014

We started the week with a little rain but by Tuesday the sun was out in full force – Praise the Lord!!!!  Take note of the north side of church and the east end, you will see change in those areas.  The metal framing has been completed on the north side clerestory area and the gypsum board has been applied to some parts of that area.  Before putting down the gypsum board, insulation was tucked in the crevasses of the I beams.  The metal framing in the roof area over the sanctuary is just about complete.  Hopefully next week we will see the metal decking on that framing.  If you look from the alley, you will see the framing for the two dormers that are over the social hall area, some of the gypsum board has been attached to this framing.  Metal framing work has also been happening inside, the back wall of the choir loft is finished and the main entrance framing (inside) has been completed.  The masonry workers have been working on the south and west sides of the bell tower – take note of the fifteen rows of block that have been laid.  Check out the east end and see the concrete block that has been laid on the north and south side of the middle sections of the sanctuary (upper area). Also look along the east gable end where the lower roof line meets the taller peak – you will see a row of block.  This block will be the base for the brick that will be laid later.  Bryant Heating has been laying the PVC and conduit piping in the ground in the nave area – this piping is for the electrical wires, communication cables, water, and sewage.  They have also laid PVC in the basement.  All the sub fascia has now been put in place  (those are the boards along the roof edges where the gutters will be put on, and also the boards will provide an edge for the insulation and plywood to butt up to).  Wood framing for around the window openings has been constructed – ready to put up when the weather turns cold.  The framing will be covered with plastic to keep the snow out. 

PEW UPDATE:  The hymnal holders are being put together, edging on the pew back ends is being done, and sanding of the mid pew supports is ongoing.  The kneelers are being joined, planned, and cut to size.  We are always in need of sanders, so if you can help, please contact MaryJo at the rectory or email at [email protected].

NOTE:  Crafters, wood hobbyist, or anyone that likes to make things out of wood.  We have many miscellaneous scrap pieces of beautiful burr oak wood that cannot be used for the pews but I’m sure can be used for something.  If you or anyone you know would be interested in getting this wood, please contact MaryJo at the rectory.   If you are inclined to make a donation to the building fund for this wood, it would be greatly appreciated.

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