October 26, 2014

Another  beautiful week!!!  As you can see the bell tower block has been laid and the masonry workers have a good start on the brick on the south side of church.  This brick will not go up any further until next spring as the cast concrete needs to go on next and this concrete is not ready.  (example of what I’m talking about – look at the white concrete ribbon around the old church)  You can now see where the pilasters are going to be on the south wall – see the bricked bumped out area between the windows.   Electrician has been busy laying pipe and conduit underground in the nave; also temporary lighting has been put in for the workers.  He has also been working on laying out (marking) where the lighting etc will go along the inside of the exterior walls.  Conduit has been run by the pilasters for exterior lighting.  Bryant Heating has put in the PVC piping underground in the nave, put in more duct work in the social hall walls, and did much planning on more venting and duct work.  Take a look on the east side and you will see that the metal framing over the sanctuary has been completed along with the metal decking on the roof.  The metal decking on the north transept peak has been put in place, and on the two dormers over the social hall.  Steel workers are just about complete with their work – we will miss them on site, great men that have done great work.  The metal framing for both clerestories (inside and out) has been completed and the gypsum board has been put in place on both of these clerestories, and on the two dormers.  The east and west gable ends have been framed out with the metal studs.  The back wall of the choir loft has been completely framed and the front entrance wall (inside) is completed.  Notice a light gray waterproofing on the block walls.  Kingery has been busy framing window coverings for the winter – two by fours covered with reinforced plastic.  You can see some of them in place on the south side.  This is what will hold in the heat for the winter months.  Styrofoam has been laid in place around the inside of the exterior wall in prep for the nave floor to be poured. 

Please continue to pray for a late winter – we need to get closed in and it will take about another four weeks.  So far we have had no injuries, so keep praying for the safety of the workers. 

From Your Construction Sidewalk Supervisor


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