October 5, 2014

Monday was a productive day, steel workers put in place the metal roof decking for over the north-east mechanical room on the second floor and finished up with the decking combining the south lower roof with the upper roof area (west end of the building).  Masonry workers laid a row of foundation block (for the brick to rest on)  on the south, north, and east side of the church structure.  If you came for the tour on Sunday you saw just the large I beams in the choir loft area.  That area has now been filled in with metal studs.  Tuesday brought rain, even though the workers tried their best to stick it out and work in the rain, they had to stop by noon.  Wednesday morning we had a swimming pool in the old church basement and just as much water in the new church basement and first floor.  We can’t wait until they finish the roof so we don’t have any more water inside.  The last section of the south clerestory area got filled in with the metal studs – you can now see where the windows will be placed.  More metal framing was done on the bell tower and covered with the gypsum board – you can now see where the windows in the bell tower will be on the west side.  Additional metal framing was done on the inside south clerestory area and the interior wall of the exterior center wall, was framed.  Social hall west wall now has the gypsum board covering.  Most of the fascia on the south side and west social hall roof line has been completed.  The steel workers have finished putting in all the I beams over the sanctuary – be sure and check out the east end of the building.  They have also put the metal decking on the north lower roof over the nave area.  Bryant heating has been busy putting in the sheet metal venting system in the social hall ceiling.  Some block has been placed along various roof lines that intersect with the second story structure (provides a base for the brick to be built on).

QUESTION FOR THE WEEK – What are the columns called that extend up from the ground  to just below the top of the windows (placed between the windows)?  Don’t look for them yet, they won’t be built for a little while.

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