September 7, 2014

We saw the skeleton structure of the bell tower go up last week but there was still much to be done.  Behind the scenes there is much welding being done, which consumes a lot of time.  This week you will see additional support beams added – crisscross beams for the floor area and angle braces for the second and third floor exterior framing.  You will also see rebar extending into the floor area which has been welded unto the iron beams that were placed on top of the structure I beams around each floor area of the bell tower (to hold the decking and concrete that will be poured on these floors later).  Additional decking has been placed on the trusses over the south nave area.  Work on the choir loft decking is complete and ready for the concrete to be poured.  The roof structure of the bell tower has plywood and a plastic barrier on and ready to be hosted in place next week.  Conduit and gang boxes have been put in place in the social hall west wall and ceiling. Trusses in the north part of the portico have been erected.  The masonry workers have finished one section of the north nave wall.

Question for You --  About how much grout do you think the masonry workers pour into the cement block wall (5 block high by about 90’ long)?

From Your Construction Sidewalk Supervisor


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