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February 8, 2015

Posted by MaryJo Lauer on 2/07/15

As everyone knows, we have experienced a little snow this past week, which has slowed the brick laying process a little   -- BUT just a little.  Jim, Leon, Justin, and Richard are like the old time postman – work in good and bad weather.   The precast concrete window sills ... Read More »

February 1, 2015

Posted by MaryJo Lauer on 2/01/15

Thank the GOOD LORD for the wonderful weather we had the past two weeks.  Jim, Leon, and helpers Justin and Richard have been buzzing right along getting the west gable end bricked.  Be sure and take a look at the nice job – notice the basket weave pattern in ... Read More »

January 25, 2015

Posted by MaryJo Lauer on 1/25/15

Glad to see so many of you at the Church tour this past Sunday.  This past week Glen, Tim and crew have finished rocking (drywall) the sanctuary area and the arch leading into the sanctuary.  They have finished metal framing all the clerestory window arches.  Most of the east ... Read More »

January 18, 2015

Posted by MaryJo Lauer on 1/17/15

Open house this weekend – be sure and come and see what I’ve been talking about – it will be much different than the last time you were inside.  The framing on the nave ceiling and on the clerestory walls has been completed and the workers have started to ... Read More »

January 11, 2015

Posted by MaryJo Lauer on 1/11/15

Old man winter has put us in a deep freeze but inside our New Spiritual Home there is plenty of heat and busy workers.  The foam insulation has been sprayed in the upper part of the clerestory walls, which enabled the framers to finish enough of the supporting frame ... Read More »

December 28, 2014

Posted by MaryJo Lauer on 12/24/14

Since the bulletin has to be in by Monday the 22nd, the following information will be from the previous two weeks.  The roofers have finished their installation of the foam insulation, plywood, ice & shield, and moisture barrier membrane.  So now we are a little more buttoned in, but ... Read More »

December 14, 2014

Posted by MaryJo Lauer on 12/13/14

Look upward to the upper story (clerestory) on the south side of our new church.  What a wonderful sight!!  J J J  Glenn and Jim have bricked the clerestory area, you can see the arch design over the window openings.  They have done a wonderful job and you can ... Read More »

December 7, 2014

Posted by MaryJo Lauer on 12/06/14

The plastic protection by the portico area has been taken down, so you can now see the brick that has been placed around the posts and on the west social hall wall.  You will see the brick smeared with a little mortar here and there, but that will be ... Read More »

November 23, 2014

Posted by MaryJo Lauer on 11/30/14

Since the bulletin articles needed to be in by Tuesday of this past week,  I will have to guess at what will be done this week.  Monday was too cold for outside work and not that warm inside, so you will not see much change on the outside.  The ... Read More »

November 16, 2014

Posted by MaryJo Lauer on 11/14/14

Brrrrrrrrrrrr – We managed to get somewhat buttoned up for winter but the ceiling has no insulation yet so it is pretty cold inside the church.  The roofers had to stop last week on Friday (7th) because the wind was just too strong.  Monday, the roofers started on the ... Read More »