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August 31, 2014

Posted by MaryJo Lauer on 8/30/14

RAIN! RAIN!  Great for some but not for us at this time.  Because of the rain this week the building process has slowed down.  BUT we have made some progress.  The metal studs on the south wall of the social hall have been raised and work on the metal ... Read More »

August 24, 2014

Posted by MaryJo Lauer on 8/22/14

This has been a very productive week.  On Tuesday the two large main beam structures that go from east to west over the nave area, were installed.  Those that came to watch were impressed with the precision that the steel workers had in placing these 14,000 pound units.  The ... Read More »

August 17, 2014

Posted by MaryJo Lauer on 8/17/14

MORE I BEAMS!  You will see much progress this week with the steel structure.  The steel sheeting has been placed over the narthex area.  This steel is interlocked and then welded to the I beams.  The end joints of the sheets are also welded. Between the I beams each ... Read More »

Pic AUGUST 2014

Posted by MaryJo Lauer on 8/14/14

Pic BEAM SIGNING August 2014

Posted by MaryJo Lauer on 8/09/14


Beam Ready for Signing

Beam Ready for Signing

August 10, 2014

Posted by MaryJo Lauer on 8/08/14

STEEL!  STEEL!  More steel arrived on Friday the 1st and on Monday the 4th.  The steel workers are concentrating on the Narthex area.  We are getting so much steel up that it takes a second look to see what has been added.  Most of the steel going up this ... Read More »

August 3, 2014

Posted by MaryJo Lauer on 8/08/14

WALLS!  Finally the walls have begun to rise.  If you look by the south side gym entrance, you will see the start of our walls.  Midwest Masonry started erecting the walls this past Tuesday.  Epp Concrete dug and poured the footings for the walkway in front of the social ... Read More »

Pic JULY 2014

Posted by MaryJo Lauer on 8/08/14

Moving Large Beam


Unloading the truck


Weekly Update - 07/27/2014

Posted by Lyndsay Hartmann on 7/27/14

HOT! HOT! HOT! The weather did not stop our subcontractor “Epp Concrete” from pouring the footings on the north, south, and part of the east sides of the new church, plus two of the large pads where the huge steel beams will be placed. There was a total of 126 cubic yards poured. The ... Read More »