1950s: Increase in Enrollment Calls for Changes in the School

With the reactivation of Lincoln Air Base and growth in parish families, school enrollment grew from 66 in 1951 to 138 in 1954. To ease overcrowding in the classrooms above the church, several classrooms were constructed in the church basement. A newspaper article dated August 26, 1955 says that two classrooms had been added in the church hall and that the stage area would be used as a dining room for the students. There would be no Christmas program that year.

In response, the parish acquired four major pieces of property totaling $27,283.05. They bounded the north side of the block. This gradual increase in the physical size of parish property would come into good use in the not-so-distant future. In 1955, an official Building Fund was begun, the purpose of which was to help pay the parish portion of support for the new central high school which would become Pius X High School. $14,385.56 was spent on improvements in parish buildings and on the Building Fund from 1940-1960.