Raising a Spiritual Home

Raising a Spiritual Home:
Remembering our past – supporting the present – building His future


 A Letter from Our Pastor 

Dear Friend of St. Patrick’s,


Greetings in Christ! Thank-you for taking the time to come and

visit our website and learn about the exciting project we have going on-Raising a Spiritual Home: Remembering our past – support the present – build His future.

For many years, the Catholic community of St. Patrick’s has needed a new spiritual home as our current facility, while faithfully serving our needs for over a century, is in dire need of replacement. Both structural and programming needs require us to work on bringing a new spiritual home into reality. I first and foremost invite you to download our prayer and join us in petitioning God to bless our efforts for without His blessing, we labor in vain. Secondly, I invite you to examine the documents online that outline the input we have received from over 400 of our parishioners, as well as the status updates. As we journey through this process we will arrive at a list of goals, then develop a basic footprint for our new spiritual home and then finally come to the point of having detailed drawings available.

Through your prayers, financial support if possible and moral support we will succeed in bringing God’s will to fruition. Join us on this amazing journey!
I remain your servant,
In Christ,
Fr. Troy Schweiger



Corporate Resolution Signing   


Fr. Schweiger signing
the Corporate Resolution
for the new church, the
document that gave us
authority from the
diocese and legally
allowed everything
(contracting, etc.) to
move forward.
December 10, 2013


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