1958: St. John the Apostle Parish Opens

The Franciscan Fathers continued to provide pastors for St. Patrick’s during the 1950s. After Father Godfrey Piontkowski came Father Paschal Rollman (1951-1954), Father Norbert Schmalz (1954-1958), and Father Benno Tushaus in 1958. During these years the parish grew so rapidly that the need for a new parish became apparent. Plans for St. John the Apostle parish culminated in its establishment on the feast of St. John on December 27, 1958. St. Patrick’s, along with Sacred Heart parish, helped put this daughter parish on its feet. The two parishes were each assessed $25,000 for the new St. John’s, and, according to the Sisters’ Chronicle, about 50 students transferred from St. Patrick’s to the new school.