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July 26, 2015

Posted by MaryJo Lauer on 7/22/15

Our brick layers are trying their best to get done, but obstacles keep getting in their way.  This past week they have installed the pre cast concrete on the north side of the main peak, and have laid brick up as far as they can in the main center ... Read More »

July 19, 2015

Posted by MaryJo Lauer on 7/22/15

We got all the plants and shrubs planted -- thanks to all those hardy souls that came out to help with the digging, hauling, planting, and watering.  Everyone there that day can surely say they put their sweat equity in for the new church, as it was an extremely ... Read More »

July 12, 2015

Posted by MaryJo Lauer on 7/13/15

If it did not rain this past Thursday, the concrete for our new parking lot has been poured.  This past week Gana trucking has been grading the parking area and removing excess dirt and then putting a stone base over the entire parking lot.  JA Construction put in the ... Read More »

July 5, 2015

Posted by MaryJo Lauer on 7/05/15

More concrete has been poured.  We now have a sidewalk on the south side of church.  JA Construction also put in the drive apron on Morrill Ave and on 61st St. along with the curbs in the new parking lot, both on the north and south ends.  On Saturday, ... Read More »

June 28, 2015

Posted by MaryJo Lauer on 7/01/15

There has been a lot of activity this past week and a half.  As you drive around the block you will see that the south street parking area concrete has been laid.  Gana Trucking has removed all the old concrete from the south side parking area, sidewalk that was ... Read More »

June 14, 2015

Posted by MaryJo Lauer on 6/15/15

It was a sad day Wednesday for Dan, our American Drywall foreman.  We talked Wednesday morning and he told me he was assigned another job and probably wouldn’t be back.  He said he really enjoyed working on our new church and would miss the job and hated to leave.  ... Read More »

June 7, 2015

Posted by MaryJo Lauer on 6/08/15

The metal framing and installation of the sheet rock is 99% finished.  This past week Dan, Vince, Tim, Primo and helpers finished framing the south side of the nave, the bell tower, and the portico areas.  Most of the sheet rock has been installed in the nave.  There are ... Read More »

May 31, 2015

Posted by MaryJo Lauer on 5/30/15

Thank you for your prayers -- the roofers finally got here Memorial Day weekend and from Friday the 22nd thru Tuesday the 26th they shingled 99% of the roof.  The rest will be done once the bell tower brick wall has been laid.  They worked long hours each day ... Read More »

May 24, 2015

Posted by MaryJo Lauer on 5/22/15

Someone pointed out we have only 83 days till the dedication.   That sure made Fr Schweiger’s hair stand on end!  There is so much to do yet, but like anyone else moving into a new house, we realize that many things will have to be finished after moving in.  ... Read More »

May 17, 2015

Posted by MaryJo Lauer on 5/17/15

We have a new weather forecaster in the parish - Fr Schweiger.  Whenever he schedules a tour for the new church, we know it’ll rain.   Yes, on May 7th we did get water in the new church.  Until we get the final roof on, there will be water coming ... Read More »