June 7, 2015

The metal framing and installation of the sheet rock is 99% finished.  This past week Dan, Vince, Tim, Primo and helpers finished framing the south side of the nave, the bell tower, and the portico areas.  Most of the sheet rock has been installed in the nave.  There are only a few patches here and there (where there was a little water damage) that needs to be replaced.  All that is left to sheet rock is the bell tower (all floor levels), light tunnel, and portico ceiling right by the front entrance.  Craig and helpers are going to town.  The sanctuary area has all five layers of joint compound on the walls.  The south transept area has only one more layer to be applied.  Then the rest of the south side of the nave will be worked on this coming week.  Carroll cut in the last coat of paint on the west choir loft wall along the ceiling line, finished painting the ceiling in the nave entrance area (by baptismal font), the two confessional areas, the lower ceiling of the north side of the nave, and has started on the sanctuary walls.  Leon and Jim have been having a hard time with all the rain, but they have finished the one section just east of the bell tower and have now moved to the next section on the south side wall.  Eric our electrician has installed all eight of the hanging lamp fixtures in the nave - we have them covered with plastic to try and keep most of the drywall dust off of them until dedication.  He also installed the light fixtures in the front entrance of the nave (by baptismal font).  He continued working on the fire alarm system, and pulled many wires in the sanctuary and adoration chapel areas.  HVAC fellows haven’t been around this past week.  Kent and Joe put in the sewer waist line - comes out of the building by the meditation room window and goes east to the street.  TC Ceiling finished the frame work for the ceiling in the narthex and sacristy areas.  MPS came and washed the north side transept brick and a portion of the south side brick.  Fire SPK continued putting in the sprinkler system pipes - working mainly in the gym and gym hallway.  Ryan was here a few days and continued wrapping insulation around our many yards of piping.  Our stairwell railings, bell tower ladders, and other railings arrived this week.  Pleskac has installed the stairwell railings and one of the ladders in the bell tower.  Al from Kingery installed the other two bell tower ladders, and moved out further the temporary outside doors, so that area will be ready for the final doors.  Joe has been working on the installation of the lower entablature in the sanctuary area, and widening the brick opening at the north end of the portico leading into the old gym area.  Most of our doors and hardware were delivered this week.  Fr Schweiger has been working on the jams for the window openings between the narthex and nave areas, and the top plate of the pointed peak area on the east wall of the sanctuary.  These will be made out of our burr oak wood. 

Thanks to those that have come out and helped sand our pews.  We can always use more sanders, so if you have just a couple of hours, please consider coming and helping.  For those of you that can’t physically help, your prayers are always needed for the safety of the workers and perhaps a request for a little less rain for the next month, so we can complete the brick laying process.

From Your Construction Sidewalk Supervisor


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