May 24, 2015

Someone pointed out we have only 83 days till the dedication.   That sure made Fr Schweiger’s hair stand on end!  There is so much to do yet, but like anyone else moving into a new house, we realize that many things will have to be finished after moving in.  The rain has put a little damper on the outside work, but Jim, Leon, Richard, and Justin continue to put great effort in getting the brick laid - even in unpleasant weather conditions.  The south transept section is just about complete as far as the brick is concerned.  Dan, Vince, Tim, Primo and helpers are just about done with the metal framing.  All that remains is to frame out the inside walls of the bell tower.  This past week they finished sheet rocking the adoration chapel and adjacent rooms, northeast sacristy, north and east sections of the ramp area, the south side of the nave, and put gypsum board on the inside of the exterior front entrance wall.  Unfortunately we had to take some sheet rock off as it got soaked from water coming in, once those areas dry out the sheet rock will be put back on.  Dan, Vince, and Tim metal framed the light shaft in the entrance way, along with the ceiling in that area and in the portico area in front of the social hall.  When you take the tour this weekend, be sure and go outside on the main portico area and see the framing of the light shaft - pretty neat!  The fellows also installed a lot of corner bead in those areas they finished sheet rocking.  Craig and helpers have finished mudding the choir loft area, north side of nave, and have started working on the sanctuary area and adjacent rooms.  Carroll came back and painted a coat of paint on the two clerestory windows by the choir loft, touched up the other clerestory windows, painted the west choir loft wall and the side walls of the choir loft.  Eric put in the conduit, cams, gang boxes, electric panel box, and wire in the portico area, rooms adjacent to the chapel area, the northeast sacristy, and the boiler room.  The engineered control fellows did a lot of wiring of the heat/cool system in the second floor mechanical rooms.   Seth and Matt installed more ductwork in the chapel area adjacent rooms, and have duct work extended into the south side dormer over the social hall, along with the louvers for that dormer.  Some of the pipes in the boiler room and adjacent hallway were wrapped with insulation this past week.  Mathew and Jace have installed the sprinkler lines in the chapel area this past week.  Erv laid the center aisle tile, but then had to stop laying the tile until the mudders and painters are finished using the power lifts in the nave area.  We don’t want them running over the tile with the equipment and cracking our beautiful tile.  Bill, Al and Joe found the source of our leaking roof and sealed it up, so now we are pretty dry inside.  They also covered our parapets with protective material in prep of the metal cover that will be installed over the parapets (the two peaked gable ends).  They finished installing the wood fascia on the north side of the building.  Hopefully we will have a tour this weekend.

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