July 5, 2015

More concrete has been poured.  We now have a sidewalk on the south side of church.  JA Construction also put in the drive apron on Morrill Ave and on 61st St. along with the curbs in the new parking lot, both on the north and south ends.  On Saturday, June 29th eight trees were put in place.  You will see three of them on the south side, across from the rectory, four of them on 62nd St, along the curb, and the eighth one is on 61st street next to where the old alley drive apron was located.  Gana Trucking has been busy grading and removing dirt for/from the parking lot area in preparation for the parking lot concrete.  HR Bookstrom dug three holes on the north side of the church and built three area inlets in those holes.  The downspouts are connected to under ground drainage piping, which feeds into these inlets and then proceeds out to the sewer system.  That way if we get a big rainfall, all the water coming off the church roof will not flood the small area between the church and gym.  All of our downspouts on the new church are connected to the underground drainage system.  Eric our electrician has been installing many light fixtures throughout the building, and this past week has been putting in conduit (metal piping) in the parking lot area, so that he can run wires to different areas.  This will provide us with ample lighting in the parking area.  Eric has also been working with the brick layers and getting conduit in parts of the front wall for lighting the front of church.  And speaking of brick layers, our fellows have been going to town.  It is hard to see with the scaffolding in front of church but they have the north and south entrance arches (along with keystone) completed and are several rows above those arches.  The inside of the portico (porch) area is completely bricked and Scotts Plastering has put the metal mesh on the ceiling in that area.  Soon they will be applying the concrete to that mesh to form the entrance ceiling. They have finished the concrete ceiling in the portico area next to the social hall and are ready to paint the ceiling.  We are still waiting for our last four nave windows - so keep those prayers a coming, as we are running out of time to get that area completed before dedication.  For those windows that are in, the drywall returns have been put in place and Vince has put the corner bead on all of those windows.  So the windows are now ready for mudding.  The stairwell area (both floors) have been mudded and ready for painting this past week.  Some of the bell tower area has been sheet rocked.  The metal framing for the drop down ceiling has been installed in the hallway, cry room, and lower narthex ceiling. Seth and Matt have finished installing the register covers in the nave area.  Carroll has painted the social hall ceiling and walls, south side nave lower ceiling, south side nave walls, second coat on the nave upper entablature, upper register covers, and sanctuary entablature.  Erv has laid the tile for the last two steps in the sanctuary, and the tile floors in the two small bathrooms.  MaryJo has grouted all of these areas.  Al, Bill, and Joe have been installing the entablature on the front of the choir loft railing area.  Quite a challenge making the wood go around the curved part of the choir loft railing.  Fr Schweiger and Pat V. have gotten the oak trim that will go on the peak section behind the altar of repose, cut to shape and installed on the wall.   

 From Your Construction Sidewalk Supervisor


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