April 19, 2015

The exciting news this week is that the metal framing in the sanctuary area is coming along nicely.  Dan, Tim and Vince have been working hard on forming the pillars, arches, and peak of the sanctuary area.  This has been quite the challenge for the fellows but they are doing a great job.  Hopefully I’ll get some pictures up on the web page this weekend, so you can see their work.  The lower ceiling on the north side of the nave, along with the window alcoves, has all three layers of sheet rock installed.  The walls of the basement mechanical rooms all have sheet rock on them and most of the stairwell is now sheet rocked.  Craig has many of the clerestory window alcoves mudded and sanded.  Hopefully these will be completed by next week.  The mudding and sanding on the narthex lower walls has been completed.  Joe and Kent have finished putting in all the pipes for the heat exchangers in the second floor south mechanical room and have now begun working in the northeast side mechanical room.  Seth and Matt (with a little help from others) got the large louvered vent (east side) put in and anchored well.  They are now working on installing the air handlers in the northwest mechanical room.  Eric and crew have been pulling more wires and as the sanctuary framing is being put up, they are right behind putting in the conduit runs and gang boxes.  Jim and Leon are now working on the center part of the east wall.  There is a vertical row of “coin corners” on each side and then they are working a cross pattern into the center area of the wall.  Take a peek under the scaffolding and you can see the bottom part of the cross.  Stutzman Co has finished spraying the waterproof mixture on the gypsum board -- so now we’re a little more water tight.  Carroll returned and finished painting all of the second floor mechanical rooms -- pretty tricky painting around all the conduit, pipes, and other obstacles that are on the wall and not getting any paint on those obstacle - but Carroll did accomplish that feat.  John and Mert have installed the entablature in the choir loft area and on the north and south nave soffits. (check out the picture on our web page).  Al & Joe are keeping up with all the wood backing that needs to be put in.  Joe also extended some concrete pads for the pump and boiler additions.  They also built and set some false work for the two northeast windows, and built some safety railings.


We have ordered the padding and vinyl for the kneelers and will be putting the kneelers together in a few weeks.  Anyone interested in helping attach the foam and vinyl, please contact MaryJo at the rectory.


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