April 26, 2015

We are moving right along - The last layer of sheet rock has been put on the center section of the east wall (where the altar of repose is located, and the three arches pointing up to a peak in the middle).  On the north and south side of the center section the walls and columns have been completely metal framed, ready for sheet rock.  The northeast sacristy walls have been metal framed.  On Wednesday they started sheet rocking the south side lower nave ceiling.  Dan and helper also framed and sheet rocked the extensions for the columns, on the north side nave wall.  So now the column starts at the floor level, travels up the side wall, then continues onto the lower ceiling of the nave to the end of the soffit, which then connects visually with the column/bulkhead that is in the upper most ceiling of the nave.  We had about four and five mutters coming out this past week most of the days, so the a lot of areas have been mudded  - upstairs hallways, choir loft lower walls, confessionals, storage room, and meditation area.  Carroll has put on a couple of coats of paint in the narthex, first floor hallway, and cry room.  He has one coat of paint in the sacristy area.  Seth and Matt worked in both the east and west second floor mechanical rooms, getting all the rectangular vents attached to the large air handlers.  Seth though he still had a couple months of work left to do, he has pride in what he does and takes the time to get it done right.  His coworker, Matt has the same standard.  Kent and Joe have been connecting the iron and copper pipes to the air handlers in both of the second floor mechanical rooms.  Kent has also been busy in the boiler room, putting in a new boiler and some pumps.  The control engineers have been running conduit, and wiring the controls for the air handlers in both mechanical rooms, and also ran control wire in the sanctuary area.  ABC electric has been putting in more light fixtures in the second floor mechanical rooms, running lots and lots of wire, installing many of the duplexes and switches, and continued with installing the conduit and gang boxes on the north side of the sanctuary.  Leon and Jim have finished bricking the very center part of the east wall, so you can now see the cross pattern in the brick.  The four sides of the upper wall of the sanctuary (outside) have also been bricked.  The east wall still needs to be washed, but once that is done the cross will look beautiful.  The bell tower first floor ceiling has been sprayed with foam - hopefully this will keep more of the water out (not funning down the iron beams).  Lincoln Glass has put the two northeast small windows in this past week and also the windows in the social hall area.  Fire SPK has also been out finishing up on installing the sprinkler pipes on the second floor, and also testing some of the lines.  Joe and All continue to try and keep up with the wood block framing - working this week in the sanctuary area.  They also installed a layer of plywood on the north and south side upper ridge of the nave - to keep the sound from being swallowed up in the cavity behind the entablature.  And as always, a lot of clean up to get done. 

We are hoping to have another open house for the new church on the weekend of May 9th and 10th, so be sure and mark your calendar. 

The main altar is coming along, this past week the eight panels were screwed together.  There is a lot to be done yet, but if you want to get an idea of what the altar will look like, take a peak on our web page.

 Please continue with your prayers for the workers and also for the construction to continue on with no problems.

   From Your Construction Sidewalk Supervisor


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