December 7, 2014

The plastic protection by the portico area has been taken down, so you can now see the brick that has been placed around the posts and on the west social hall wall.  You will see the brick smeared with a little mortar here and there, but that will be coming off once all the brick is laid.  A company comes and washes all the brick – which will probably happen late spring.  Scaffolding has been placed on the south roof by the clerestory area and protection has been placed around the scaffolding.  Hopefully we’ll get a week of above freezing temperatures so that Glen and Jim can lay some brick in that area.  The roofers have been busy laying the insulation, plywood, and protective sheeting over the sanctuary area.  The north side, lower roof is completed (minus shingles).  The only area left to do is the upper roof over the nave area.  All of the waterproof spraying has been completed, with the exception of the upper bell tower area (where there is no gypsum board).  Inside the drywall fellows have been busy forming the ceiling of the nave area.  A couple of the clerestory windows have been framed out on the inside, and you can see the beginning of the curvature of the ceiling over the nave area.  The clerestory walls have dry wall on, facilitating the placement of metal framing to form the curves of the ceiling.  The ceiling is like a large metal jig saw puzzle – take a peak on our web page to see what I mean.  Seth and Matt have been busy putting in the duck work in the ceilings.  Eric has been putting in the conduit for the electric and communication wires. In the basement, much of the iron pipe work has been done, also on the first floor the PVC has been put in place.  Blocking has been put in where the walls are built, to facilitate the placing of baseboard and casing.  We now have radiant heat in the nave area – purpose is to heat the concrete floor and of course to keep the workers a little more comfortable while working. 

The workers want to thank the Morrison’s for bringing them homemade runzas and brownies - we have wonderful workers.  We want to thank the Lord for their safety so far and pray that He continues to watch over them and keep them safe as they build our new spiritual home.

From Your Construction Sidewalk Supervisor


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