February 1, 2015

Thank the GOOD LORD for the wonderful weather we had the past two weeks.  Jim, Leon, and helpers Justin and Richard have been buzzing right along getting the west gable end bricked.  Be sure and take a look at the nice job – notice the basket weave pattern in the peak area of the wall.  Some of the pre-cast concrete has arrived, so they have now moved over to the north side of the building and will be laying brick there for the next few weeks.  Please say a prayer for Glen (brick layer) that he may have a speedy recovery from his injury – we miss having him on the site.  Seth and Matt, our HVAC fellows have gotten in the heat runs in the narthex, social hall, nave, and hallway and are working on putting in the extensions of those runs.  The plumbers have put in the PVC and other piping for the social hall sinks, coffee maker, refrigerator, and plumbing for the bathrooms and sinks in sacristy.  The control engineers have gotten many of the controls installed on the piping downstairs that lead to the heat exchange units.  Eric and his helpers have gotten in a lot of the conduit runs (metal piping for the electric wires) and gang boxes (containers for switches and outlet hardware) on the first floor areas, second floor and some in the basement.  The pillars in the portico and the social hall west side wall have had the brick washed, so now you can see what the brick will actually look like.  The nave ceiling is coming along nicely and we are now half way through with installing the three layers of drywall.  Dan, Tim and crew have been doing a fine job – it is quite the challenge to get the curves correct on our clerestory window openings.  The other framers have framed the north wall of the nave, the nooks in the narthex where the statues will be, and the ceiling in the first floor hallway.  Al and Joe, from Kingery have kept up with the framers and have been getting in all the wood blocking in every possible area that we will need the blocking.   The support structure for the bell (and future bells) has been put in place on the fourth floor of the bell tower, and also the drain - for any rain or snow that may get in that area.  Weathercraft has installed the rubber roofing material on the floor and lower wall space on the fourth floor of the bell tower.  Foam insulation has been sprayed in most of the areas where the roof meets the wall.  This will help with reducing the heating costs by sealing in the building a little more than it has been. 

It has been a few weeks since we’ve taken the workers any cookies, so if anyone has the desire to bake some cookies, I know they would appreciate them. 

From Your Construction Sidewalk Supervisor


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