March 1, 2015

A little cold this past week, but the masonry fellows continued on with their brick laying.  You will now see that their plastic protection has been moved to the north east corner of the church building.  They are almost finished with the section from east wall of the north transept area to the east corner and from the east corner to the center section of the east wall.  Take a walk up the sidewalk on the south side of the gym and look at the brick that has been laid on the north nave wall.  You will get a taste of what the south side will look like – with the rough brick on the bottom and then the smooth on top.  The pilasters are also finished, giving it a distinguished look.  I have also put a picture of this wall on our web page.  Inside Dan, Tim and crew have been busy working on the north side of the nave, putting in the lower ceiling and the arches over each window on the north side and in the transept area.  Forming these arches is quite a feat and very time consuming, BUT they are going to be so……… beautiful when done!  The sheet rock has been going up on some of the walls.  The upstairs north mechanical rooms have been sheet rocked and half the walls on the south side mechanical room.  Craig is doing a wonderful job on the nave ceiling.  This week he got the arches coated with one layer of mud and got all the screw holes covered – and believe me there are tons of them.  He continued working on the alcove arches.  Bryant has put in more heat runs and has connected some of those runs with the vent openings on the north side of the nave.  Fire SPK has been putting up the piping for our sprinkler system in the nave ceiling.  ABC has been pulling a lot of wires this week, plus putting in many fixtures both on first floor and in the basement.  Kingery has been keeping the place clean – an unending job with construction.  As soon as a metal wall has been erected, they are there putting in the blocking.  They have hauled out the concrete block from the doorways that have been chiseled out of the gym walls.  There are many other odd jobs that they do, important work but many times unseen work. 

The stripping of the old church has been completed.  Everything that has any value has been removed, EXCEPT for our oak and walnut boards that are drying in the basement.  Hopefully the wood moisture will be down to eight percent by the end of March. 

All the pew parts have been moved to the deacon’s warehouse facility.  There remains just a little sanding and then the staining and lacquer coating process will begin.

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