November 16, 2014

BrrrrrrrrrrrrWe managed to get somewhat buttoned up for winter but the ceiling has no insulation yet so it is pretty cold inside the church.  The roofers had to stop last week on Friday (7th) because the wind was just too strong.  Monday, the roofers started on the area over the social hall, but Tuesday with the snow they were not able to get up on the roof.  Even though it was pretty cold the rest of the week, they toughed it out and worked on the roof over the social hall.  The masonry workers finished off the north side of the nave up to where the pre-cast concrete will go.  They then moved to the west side and bricked the posts in the portico area.  In expectation of the extreme cold they wrapped the posts in insulated blankets, protecting the brick they had just finished lying.  Wednesday the masonry workers put up plastic sheeting around the portico area to protect the area from wind and cold, so more brick could be laid by the west social hall wall.  American drywall has been busy working on the ceiling of the sanctuary, putting in the framing for the arched ceiling.  They also put in insulation in the walls on the upper part of the sanctuary.  Bryant Heating has installed the duck work along the north and south side areas of the nave ceiling.  Kingery has been installing the curved wood backing for the clerestory windows.  The sheet insulation has been cut into strips and put between the concrete block and brick (at the top) to keep the snow out from behind the brick.  Unfortunately the sprayers did not get the clerestory area sprayed before the bitter cold came, delaying the laying of the brick in that area.  Please pray that this cold spell will be short and that milder temperatures return for a few weeks. 

Thanks to St Patrick’s Knights of Columbus for providing  lunch for the workers on Wednesday.

The workers want to thank St Patrick’s parishioners for the delicious cookies.  Anytime you are in the mood for baking, we’ll take the cookies at the rectory and distribute them to the workers.  We have an average of twenty workers a day on site.  It’s nice to treat them once a week.

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