November 2, 2014

Winter is coming!  Winter is coming!  Are we ready??  Check the exterior out, we have the gypsum board covering on most of the exterior surfaces, even the parapets are covered.  The roof insulation arrived this past Thursday and hopefully it will be put in place next week.  All the metal decking for the roofs have been put in place.  Soon Kingery will be putting in the plastic covered wood frames that they made last week.  So we are almost ready, pray for good weather the next three weeks so that we can get the roof covering down and get the church waterproof tight.  The second and third floor east walls of the bell tower have been framed in this past week.  Framing has also been going on inside – the narthex walls have been started and the east side, upper wall (back side of choir loft) has been finished.  Eric, the electrician has been busy putting in lots of conduit in the nave floor – for electric and communication wires.  You will also notice the conduit and gang boxes on the south and east walls (where the pilasters are), this is for lighting of the exterior walls.  And speaking of exterior walls – see all the brick that has been laid.  You will probably not see the brick going up any higher until spring time.  Two reasons – one, we are waiting for the pre cast concrete that will be placed on the brick at its current level (look at the old church and see the white band of concrete going around the building), and two, once the weather drops below freezing (day or night) brick should not be laid unless you create an enclosed environment with heat.  That situation would be very expensive.  The nave floor was poured this past week (just over 100 cu yards)  – which will make our tour today much easier.  Speaking of touring today, take note of the pipe sticking up in the middle of the entrance to the nave area.  This pipe will provide running water for the baptismal font – no more carrying water from the sacristy to fill the basin.  Bryant Heating has put in several of the large air handing system vents on the first floor.  Enjoy the tour today and just stand in the middle of the church and feel the awesomeness of the space where Jesus will soon be present.

The workers want to thank all those parishioners that have supplied them with cookies and sweets.  It is a real hit with them!

From Your Construction Sidewalk Superviso


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